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Smart Sensor Trash Can - Gitelle
Smart Sensor Trash Can - Gitelle
Smart Sensor Trash Can - Gitelle
Smart Sensor Trash Can - Gitelle
Smart Sensor Trash Can - Gitelle
Smart Sensor Trash Can - Gitelle

Smart Sensor Trash Can

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Why Smart Sensor Trash Can Is Must Have?

A smart sensor trash can is a must-have for those who value convenience, hygiene, and modern living. These innovative bins open automatically with a wave of the hand, reducing the need for physical contact and promoting better sanitation by minimizing the spread of germs and odors. They also come equipped with enhanced lid sealing mechanisms to contain unpleasant odors, efficiently sort waste for recycling, and often offer space-saving designs suitable for small kitchens or bathrooms. With features like app control for customization and alerts, sustainability-focused waste reduction, and sleek, durable designs, a smart sensor trash can adds both practicality and aesthetics to any space, making it a worthwhile addition to your home or office.

✅Perfect Size: 9.8''L×7.3''W×13.3''H with 4 gallon capacity, the automatic trash can has the perfect size to make it fits next to the toilet or sink. Perfect for offices, living rooms, bathrooms, dorm rooms, and other small spaces.

✅Infrared Sensor: The trash bin with lid is equipped with an infrared sensor. Just needs 2 AA batteries to power it, you can open the lid by simply waving your hands over the top 0-12 inches, and it will close after 5 seconds. Without direct contact, this touchless approach is hygienic and convenient.

✅Vibration Sensor: Gently knock smart trash can with your foot or knee, the lid will automatically open, and will close after 5 seconds. This hands-free operation is very practical when you have your hands full.

✅Normally-open Mode: For situations when frequent access is required, our trash bin offers a constant open mode. You can press the opening button to keep the lid open and press again to close.

✅Anti-odor: The touchless trash can lid design effectively locks unpleasant odors, ensuring they do not escape into the surrounding environment.
Secure Bag Fixing Ring: The 4 gallon trash can is equipped with an innovative bag fixing ring inside, designed to securely hold the garbage bag in place. This feature prevents the bag from slipping or falling inside the bin, maintaining a tidy appearance.


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Smart Sensor Trash Can