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Handmade Tibetan Lucky Knots Bracelet - Traditional - Gitelle
Handmade Tibetan Lucky Knots Bracelet - Traditional - Gitelle
Handmade Tibetan Lucky Knots Bracelet - Traditional - Gitelle
Handmade Tibetan Lucky Knots Bracelet - Traditional - Gitelle

Handmade Tibetan Lucky Knots Bracelet - Traditional

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You may be wondering, what makes this beautiful bracelet so special. It’s not only handmade, but it’s handmade by Buddhist monks while reciting mantras. It takes a monk 30 to 50 minutes to tie a bracelet.

Mantra is a sequence of words which are repetitively chanted as part of the Buddhist practice. Mantra can be viewed as a seed for energizing an intention and keeping it in mind.

Bracelet is infused with powerful spiritual energy, to attract all good things. It attracts good luck to those who wear it regularly. As the right side of your body represents projection, this beautiful bracelet should be worn on your left wrist to welcome it’s energy. The left side is for receiving positive energies into the soul.

Bracelet is resizable 15-24cm. You can adjust the size of the bracelet by holding the knots in the middle and pulling the sides of the bracelet.


Meaning of different colors in Tibetan Buddhism

Blue is associated with purity and healing. Akshobhya is the Buddha of this color. Ears are the body part that is represented by the color blue. Air is the element that accompanies this color. It is believed, when meditating on this color, anger can be transformed into wisdom.

White is the color of learning and knowledge in Buddhism. It is represented by the Buddha Vairocana. The eyes are associated with white. White is in the elemental group water. If meditated upon, white can cut the delusion of ignorance and turn it into the wisdom of reality.

Red is related to life force and preservation. The Buddha Amitabha is depicted with a red body in Tibetan art. The part of the body associated with this color is the tongue. Fire is the natural element complementary to the color red. In Buddhism, meditating on the color red transforms the delusion of attachment into the wisdom of discernment.

Green is the color of balance and harmony. Amoghasiddhi is the Buddha of the color green. The head is the body part that is associated with this color. Green represents nature. Meditate on this color to transform jealousy into the wisdom of accomplishment.

Yellow symbolizes rootedness and renunciation. Buddha Ratnasambhava is associated with yellow. The nose is represented by this color. Earth is the element that accompanies the color yellow. Yellow transforms pride into wisdom of sameness when visualized in meditation.


You can select the shade, which suits best for you. More colors are available HERE.

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Handmade Tibetan Lucky Knots Bracelet - Traditional