Acupuncture pen
Acupuncture pen
Acupuncture pen
Acupuncture pen

Acupuncture pen

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Ever wondered about a pain relief solution that's simple and effective?

Unveil the simplicity and effectiveness of our Acupuncture Pen for pain relief. No need to wonder anymore – it's a revolutionary solution. Harness the power of acupuncture in a portable and user-friendly device. With just a touch, you can target pain points and experience natural relief. Say goodbye to complex treatments and hello to a straightforward solution for your well-being. Embrace the convenience of pain relief at your fingertips with our Acupuncture Pen. Step into a future of holistic wellness, where simplicity meets effectiveness, offering you a pain-free journey.

Three Massage Heads:
The electric massager pen comes with three massage heads - Dome Type, Node type and Spheroidal type. Dome type massage head rejuvenates the facial muscles and gives a relaxed and fair face. Node type massage head is designed to relieve pain quickly and relief. Spheroidal type massage head functions on your body muscles that are immobilized and contracted.

Nine Power Levels:
The device contains nine different power levels which can be used as per the required muscle treatment. The massage loosens frozen muscles, which results in quick pain relief and muscle relaxation. Auto-detection of meridian energy points, adjustable sensitivity, intensity and frequency controls for personalized treatment.

Effective Chronic Pain Relief:
With frequent use of this electronic back massager you will be able to reduce pain, boost your mood, relax, improve your skin condition, and prevent premature aging. Fusion of modern high quality massage pen, good for health promotion. Simple operation, easy to carry. Safe and effective, with no side effects.

Multi Function Application:
The electric acupuncture pen trigger point massager is a proven method for treatment of pain, especially chronic conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. The effectiveness of treatment is back by both Chinese traditional medicine and western science. The device makes you look young and refreshing by stimulating the muscles of face and body.

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